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In order to be listed as an approved template designer for our clients, you agree to abide by the following terms:

1. All template and web designs completed for our clients must include a backlink to in the footer. A missing footer link is a direct violation of our Terms of Use, and may result in your clients website being suspended. The wording on the backlink can be any reasonable variation of “Powered by Bizzy Mama Hosting” and can link directly to our site, or you may use yours, or your clients affiliate link.

2. You agree to provide exceptional service and to communicate with your client. Please do not make us the middle WO-men. As the template designer, you are responsible for making any necessary edits, changes or any work that is to be done to the template. We do not provide template support to our clients, but instead will refer them back to the designer for these individual issues. Please test and cross check all templates and codes in multiple browsers to ensure seamless compatibility.

3. You agree to list Bizzy Mama Hosting, with a backlink or banner, on your website as a hosting provider/partner. How you portray this information to your clients is up to you, but we do require a reciprocal link. We will check for your backlink before approving your request to be added to our list of designers and periodically thereafter. If this link is found to be removed or missing, your banner may be removed from our approved designer listing without notice. Please also be sure to include “Bizzy Mama Hosting” as an option in all other areas where hosting solutions are referenced.

4. You must not offer your own hosting or shopping cart to your clients and you must not promote one hosting solution over another, unless you would like to promote Bizzy Mama as your primary hosting suggestion. We do not promote, refer out to, or show preference to one designer over another.

If you have questions about the software or have any problems, feel free to get in touch. We’re happy to help! Thanks for your interest in being an approved designer! We look forward to working with you.

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