How can I set default item(s)?

A default item can make adding products and inventory to your store a breeze! Our default item setting will allow you to create an item, and then set that item as the "default" for your store, quickly populating the product options with your pre-written text, attributes and options!

To use the default item feature, first create the item that you would like to set as your default (click here for instructions on how to add a new product) click on the "default items" link to the left of the page under the "Administration" heading.  Select an item to display as your default item.  Click "update defaults".

Default items are used when adding items, to expediate entry. A new item's fields will be prepopulated with the same information as in the default item if you select to set that default.

Select the item you wish to choose for the default item from the drop down box. When adding items, this item will be used if you decide to use the default value.
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