Are there any hidden costs or setup fees?

Absolutely not! At Bizzy Mama Hosting, we conduct business with integrity, and you can feel confident in knowing that you will never run into any hidden fees while using our services.

What fees can you expect? Here's a break down:

Required Fees:

1. Your hosting fees. Whether you choose to pay monthly, quartely, biannually, or annually, these fees are what keep your hosting account active and online.
2. Annual domain fees. You can purchase your domain name/s with Bizzy Mama Hosting or any other domain registrar, but you will have to pay the renewal fee on that domain name annually (unless you paid in advance for a longer term!)
3. Payment processor fees. These fees are paid to your payment processor/s per transaction, or soon after.

Optional Fees:

1. Upgrade to a premium Mals cart. It's not neccessary, but there are several awesome reasons to do it. Read more here:
2. Additional assistance and code work. For example- would you prefer to have us add your google analytics code, or add a facebook "like" button to your sidebar? No problem. We (generally) charge $5.00 for these types of extra services. Contact us for details. 
3. A template from one of our approved designers. Each new online store builder account comes with several pre-installed free website templates, but some clients choose to use a more custom option. You can see our approved designers here:
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