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 How can I park a domain? What is a parked domain?

A parked domain name is an additional domain name that leads to the same place as the main domain...

 How can I add on a domain? What is an addon domain?

An addon domain is a secondary domain hosted on your cPanel account. Addon domains typically have...

 Do you offer domain registration services?

Yes!  You can register a domain with us when you sign up for new service or add on a new domain...

 Can I view my site before it has propagated to your servers?

Yes! You can view your website on our servers while you wait for the nameservers to update by...

 What is a "temporary URL"? What does it mean to build on a "temporary URL"?

A temporary URL is the direct, unique IP web address assigned to all new websites. The temporary...

 What is paid nameserver updating?

Article coming soon!

 How can I transfer my domain?

Article under development 02/2016How to transfer your domain TO Bizzy Mama HostingHow to transfer...

 I do not wish to renew my domain. How can I cancel?

Article in development 02/2016How can I cancel my Bizzy Mama Hosting registered domain?

 How can I renew my domain?

Article in development 02/2016How can I renew my Bizzy Mama Hosting registered domain?