cPanel, Store Admin, and Mal's- Oh my!

Following set up of your new account with Bizzy Mama Hosting, you will receive an email with instructions on how to acess your cPanel, store admin, and Mal's account. Each area will be accessed for a specific purpose. To make it easier to determine which area you will want to access to complete any given task, you may use the following quick explanation of each area:

cPanel: Your cPanel is where you will create your new email accounts, check your website stats, run regular backups, and check on your diskspace and bandwidth usage. More information on your cPanel.

Store Admin:
Your store admin area is where you will be doing most of your store building work. The store admin area is where you will add in your website pages, categories, and products. It is also where you will set your product prices and upload all images. More information on your store admin area.

Your Mal's account was created for you at the time of account creation. Your Mal's admin area is where you will set up your shipping, taxes, connect your payment processor/s and generate new gift voucher codes. Mal's provides the secure area for your customers to checkout, and for you to store their information. While your current Mal's account (basic) is free, you may choose to upgrade. A Mal's account upgrade is optional. As of the writing of this article, the Mal's upgrade fee is $8.00 a month and includes a few additional features and shipping options in addition to those available on basic accounts. To upgrade your account, please visit and log into and follow the prompts to upgrade.
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