My orders aren't showing up in the storeadmin?

Usually orders won't show up for one of two reasons:


1.  Your storeadmin/Mal's isn't connected properly to your payment processor. Please be sure that you have followed the directions outlined in your "New Account Email" closely. Set up instructions can also be found here:


2. If you're sure that your settings are correct, but notice some orders are not showing up (but others are!) chances are your customers are closing out the window before the ten seconds it takes to update the cart and redirect back to your store from the payment processor. (see #3 below)


Other possible situations and solutions:


1. What type of Paypal account do you have? Personal, Premier, or Business?

A Business Paypal account is required for the Order tracking and inventory features to work. If you have a Personal, or Premier account, you will need to upgrade your account (this is free). Click here to upgrade your Paypal account to Business.


2. The most common set-up error:


The most common oversight is on the Mal's > Cart Setup > Paypal page. Verify that under Website Standard, the SECOND radio button is ticked that reads "return the customer back to the cart, see the notes below...." . If that button is not ticked, you will not receive order notifications back to your cart.


3.  The customer may not have clicked all the way back to your site after payment.

If you've verified that all the above settings are correct but you STILL did not get that order reported back to your store admin, what most likely has happened is the customer did not complete checkout all the way back to your site. This should only happen when Paypal is the payment method. Unfortunately, since there are third parties involved, sometimes the customer will close their window before they return to your site. Returning to your site after payment is what sends the order information back to your store admin.

If this has happened to you, you can still find your order in Mal's. Log into your Mal's account and you should see the order there. If you would still like to get the order back to your Store Admin, in order to print packing slips/labels, or to allow the customer to track the order, you will need to enter it manually into your store admin area. You can copy and paste the information from Mal's in order to do this.

To prevent this from happening in the future, the only thing you can do is to communicate clearly to your customers to click all the way through checkout and return to your site, or you will not receive their order.

Here is something that may help.

  • Log into your Mals account.
  • Under Cart Links, click on Cart Setup
  • Click 'Other Messages and General Settings'
  • Scroll down to where it says "Payment Message" and paste this snippet into the box.

If you are paying via Paypal, please continue all the way through the checkout process and return to our site. Otherwise, we will NOT receive your order.

  • Then click Submit Changes.



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