How do I perform a price search?

Click on the "Price Search" link to the right of the page.

If you wish to set a price search drop down box on your site, you can do so here. Set each price range by entering a Start Price and End Price value in each row. Use zero in the Start Price field to designate "Under", and zero in the End Price field to designate "Over".

ie.) If you wish to break down a price search into "Under $10.00", "Under $25.00", "$10.00 - $50.00", "$50.00 - $100.00" and "Over $100.00", use the following price breaks:

Start Price:     0.00     End Price:   10.00
Start Price:     0.00     End Price:   25.00
Start Price:   10.00     End Price:   50.00
Start Price:   50.00     End Price: 100.00
Start Price: 100.00     End Price:     0.00
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