Store Builder Modifications

Available modifications and add-ons for your Bizzy Boutique store builder software.

Modify My Product Layout 2.94

The 2.94 release allows for editing of your product layout page details including adding or removing features, and the popular side-by-side two column display. You may make these changes yourself from within your store admin using the layout codes and .css (advanced user) or purchase this modification for assistance.

With the purchase of this modification we will assist you with creating an alternate layout for your product detail layout page. See our knowledgebase article on this modification for photo examples of available layout options. Search term "modify my product layout"
2.94 + ONLY

Add Additional Order Status 2.94

Currently, your orders allow for the following status types

-On Order (the default status after an order is placed)
-Processing (to indicate that the order is being processed)
-Shipped (the order has been shipped)
-Back Ordered (items in that order are backordered)
-Cancelled (the order has been cancelled and will not be shipped)

Purchase this option to have us add an additional order status to your available list.
This new order status will be added to your store admin/E-Store/Orders/Status drop down and display on the packing slip and order tracking pages for your customers.
2.94 + ONLY

Automate Product Slideshow 2.94

The 2.94 release allows you to choose alternate image layout displays for your products images including a slideshow and slideshow gallery.

This modification will create an automatic slideshow (as opposed to the manual that must be clicked through) on your product pages when the slideshow or slideshow gallery option is chosen. This modification is meant only for use with the Multi Column Layout style. See our knowledgebase article on this modification for further information and an example. Search term "automate product slideshow modification"
2.94 + ONLY

Thumbnail Images to Cart Setup 2.94

The 2.94 release allows you to add thumbnails to your cart display easily without the need for adding a modification to your store builder files.

With this purchase, we will log into your Mal's account and set this display up for you. For instructions on how to do this yourself at no charge, see our knowledgebase article on this modification for instructions on how to add your thumbnail images to your cart. Search term "thumbnails in cart"
2.94 + ONLY

Modify My Premium Template

Purchase this option to have a single modification, like color or background image, made to your Bizzy Mama Hosting Premium Template option. For multiple modification requests, please add multiple of this product to your cart. We do not modify other designer templates. Please contact us in advance of placing your order to discuss your modification requests.

Administrator Statistics Display 2.94

Do you have multiple admin area users and would like to have access to a display of all admin user activity by IP address added to your 2.94 + store admin area?

This modification will add a display of recent activity for all logged in admin users under your Store Admin/Advanced tab drop down.
This mod does not add additional admin log ins, only a list of activity by IP address. 2.94 + ONLY