Bizzy Boutique License Options

Additional licensing options for our store builder software including add on a secondary Bizzy Boutique install, purchase your cart licensing outright for moving to a new host, remove the "Powered by Bizzy Mama Hosting" backlink, and more. Please contact us prior to placing your order if you have any question about which option will best meet your needs.

Bizzy Boutique ADD ON Setup Fee

Purchase this product if you require an additional Bizzy Boutique license for a secondary install on your existing Level 2 or 3 hosting account. This fee is in addition to your regular web hosting. By purchasing this licensing option, you are making a payment in full for one additional Bizzy Boutique eCommerce software to be setup for use on a secondary domain to your existing hosting. This purchase is not and does apply any credit towards a Bizzy Boutique Owned License.

To add on an additional Bizzy Boutique store builder you must an active Level 2 or 3 eCommerce Website Hosting plan. If you have any questions as to whether this product will meet your needs, please contact us before placing your order!

Update Licensed Domain

Purchase this add on if you currently have active eCommerce Website Hosting services with us but would like to begin using a different domain for your site.

Please open a ticket to discuss your plans with a member of our staff prior to placing your order. Failure to do so may result in transfer delays.

Bizzy Boutique Backlink Removal Fee MONTHLY

Monthly Bizzy Mama backlink removal fee.

Bizzy Boutique Backlink Removal Fee ONE TIME

One Time Bizzy Mama backlink removal fee.

Owned Bizzy Boutique Store Builder License

Owned Bizzy Boutique store builder license for use on your own web host.

Includes one year of unlimited support. Additional support after 1 year can be purchased by the hour.