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Free Boutique Website Templates

All of our Bizzy Boutique ecommerce website hosting plans come with the following basic free boutique style website templates pre-installed to help make it easy to create an online store:


–gallery of new themes here–

Also included with your Bizzy Boutique online store builder are the following free basic website templates:

Basic Pink

pinkbuttonbar2-jpg pinktopbar2-jpg

pinktabbed2-jpg pinkleftbar2-jpg

Basic Blue

bluebuttonbar2-jpg bluetopbar2-jpg

bluetabbed2-jpg blueleftbar2-jpg

Basic Red

redbuttonbar2-jpg redtopbar2-jpg

redtabbed2-jpg redleftbar2-jpg

Basic Gold

goldbuttonbar2-jpg goldtopbar2-jpg

goldtabbed2-jpg goldleftbar2-jpg

Basic Green

greenbuttonbar2-jpg greentopbar2-jpg

greentabbed2-jpg greenleftbar2-jpg

Basic Teal

tealbuttonbar2-jpg tealtopbar2-jpg

tealtabbed2-jpg tealleftbar2-jpg

Basic Tan

tanbuttonbar2-jpg tantopbar2-jpg

tantabbed2-jpg tanleftbar2-jpg

Basic Mauve

mauvebuttonbar2-jpg mauvetopbar2-jpg

mauvedtabbed2-jpg mauveleftbar2-jpg