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Client Testimonials

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  • Simple. Fast. Fabulous.

    Simple. Fast. Fabulous.Jennifer Duncan :: Elle Jolei
  • Having tried to make a website many time, and disliking the generic and cold look, and not having everything I needed to make a complete site...Bizzy Mama came through for me. I love the ease of adding my products and the look.

    Bizzy Mama came through for me!Sharon :: Siren Soap Works
  • I just started on my website journey with Bizzy Mama and so far the experience has been great! the monthly rates and communication are awesome too :)0

    The experience has been great!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • I started in January and I love Bizzy Mama! The Bizzy Boutique is soo easy to use, affordable services, and amazing customer service. Couldn't ask for a better host!

    Couldn’t ask for a better host!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • My experience with Bizzy Mama Web Hosting has been nothing short of fantastic! Even though I only use the company for hosting, whenever I have contacted them for tech support, the service has been outstanding. Every time I have sent an email to them, they have responded almost immediately and have fixed whatever issue I was having. I highly recommend Bizzy Mama Web Hosting and will definitely renew my hosting contract when it expires next year.

    I highly recommend Bizzy Mama Web HostingJulie
  • I am totally satisfied and happy that I moved my business Spa Treasures to the Bizzy Mama hosting package. The customer service is outstanding. I am looking forward to a long business relationship with Bizzy Mama.

    Totally SatisfiedIngrid :: Spa Treasures
  • Every time I submit a ticket to get a question answered, the response is quick and the answer is laid out very simple even for beginners such as myself. Setting up a new website can be complicated. However, I feel like I have a strong support system in place with Bizzy Mama.

    Strong Support SystemBizzy Mama Client
  • I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own website. I jumped in with both feet! I am not computer saavy, and I was nervous, but Bizzy Mama has been so EASY to use. I did have one question, and it was answered in minutes! Great customer service! I look forward to watching my site grow with Bizzy Mama! Thank you!

    So Easy to UseA Bizzy Mama Client
  • Bizzy Mama Hosting has been beyond helpful! Every question I've had, every need has been met and answered. The customer service and timely manner in which you're helped, makes everything so much easier! Very friendly, lovely website!

    Beyond HelpfulBizzy Mama Client
  • Thank you very much for a wonderful experience. Everything was excellent, including customer service -from making the order to the service deliveries. The platform is extremely user friendly which was exactly was I was looking for.

    Extremely User FriendlyCarolina Agudelo :: Lazo Love
  • I just want to say that your company and customer service is awesome. I have had the best experience every time, I had a question or concern. Keep up the great work and I will always refer you to any of my family or friends.

    Great Service!Terri White
  • Having never built a website before, Bizzy Mama was amazing! The quick response by the team in getting my information and responding back to me was excellent. The software has been so easy to use, very user friendly. You can list your items and have the amount of options needed to showcase your products properly.

    Bizzy Mama was amazing!Darcey Kaumans :: UnKaumanDesigns
  • I luv the professionalism of the staff, the design options for my site and the fact that its moms helping other moms!

    Moms helping other moms!Tiffani Tutu :: Swagg Boutique
  • Bizzy Mama hosting has been AMAZING!!!! I wouldn't recommend using any other company. We started a new online boutique and needed help with set up and things like that at each and every question we have asked has been answered quickly. The support team is great and the hosting has been a breeze!! Couldn't ask for better service. Thanks Ladies 🙂

    Thanks Ladies 🙂Sierra Welsh :: Personality Boutique
  • I loved the layout and how it is marketed towards moms with small businesses. Great customer service! Quick response and very helpful.

    Great customer service!Callie Ribbon :: TuTu Bows
  • I was new to the whole web page launch can not thank bizzymama hosting for all the support in making it all come together with the easy steps.

    I can not thank bizzymama enough!Bernadette Lanza :: Ring A Rosie Boutique
  • So glad we chose to use Bizzy Mama, the staff is very helpful, quick to respond to questions, and overall setting up the website with no experience at all was easy.

    So easy!Brooke :: Texas Two Boutique
  • Rochelle Amor is an online retail shoes boutique for chic women with trendy fashion style. My experience with Bizzymama has been a SUPERB one.They are efficient, response on time to help the best way they can. The site is very user-friendly.

    Bizzy mama is definitely the way to go for that "CHICA" look to your site.

    Bizzy mama is definitely the way to go…Jacine Morrison :: Rochelle Amor
  • As a new business owner I was a little hesitant when it came down to choosing the right hosting provider but bizzymama hosting has been great and I look forward to expanding with this company.

    Bizzy Mama has been great!Shameka :: Laveit

  • I am very pleased with the service I have received.  And, for someone who is a "non-techie", I have found the online store builder to be easy to work with and easy to understand.  Thank you!

    I am very pleased, thank you!Karen Wortman :: Girly Goats
  • I love you all! You are quick with responses and have truly helped this foggy head pregnant girl!

    I love you all!Charlene Strosahl :: Charlene's Cuties
  • Bizzy Mama Hosting genuinely cares for their customers. They are always prompt in returning emails or calls and they are simply fabulous. I would recommend them over anyone else and I have dealt with many hosts.

    Bizzy Mama Hosting genuinely cares for their customers.Amanda
  • Quick response, patient, just excellent support !! I am a customer for life!!!

    I am a customer for life!!!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • I've been with Bizzy Mama for about 8 months now and am extremely happy with the quality of service I've received. Jenni has been awesome helping me and putting up with my issues! LOL ... thanks!

    Extremely happy with the quality of service!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • The support is incredible! Bizzy Mama was able to help me with my dumb questions and also my complicated ones that I didn't think there would be help for. The responses have been extremely prompt as well!

    The support is incredible!Froggies Swim Caps
  • I had the best experience with Bizzy Boutique, all questions were answered promptly and the customer service is very helpful and friendly. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to Bizzy Mama Web Hosting for being so helpful with my small business needs, you are always there to answer the many questions I have and get back to me immediately!  The packages are great the pricing unbeatable the service super, thanks Bizzy Mama, I have been telling my friends!

    I have been telling my friends!Jo Hill :: Cheeky Chuckles
  • Seriously your support and site is amazing!  Being a beginner to this web stuff has been so much easier thanks to you and your team!  Thank you for all of your help!!

    Thank you for all of your help!!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • I was with [another host] before and I couldn't design my website by myself it was very hard, expensive and their templates are not what I was looking for. Bizzy mama hosting is the best, it has it all their web design software is so easy to use and  free template. Their customer service is perfect. Jenni helped me with all issues I had yo built my website....I'm very happy I am with  bizzy mama hosting.

    I’m very happy I am with bizzy mama hosting.Asmaa :: Mimi's Tiny Feet
  • I love it! I started using Bizzy Mama about a month ago to start up my own business. I'm completely new at this and everything has been very easy to use. If I couldn't figure it out I sent an email and within that day had a response with step by step instructions on what to do. The store builder is great and easy to use!

    I love it!Katharyn Fish :: Kats Closet LLC
  • Bizzy Mama Hosting has been a dream come true for hosting my website. I was very nervous about the transition from my old hosting company to the new one and they have made it absolutely stress free and honestly very easy. Their customer service is outstanding and their prices are better than the majority of the hosting companies out there. I feel that my business is going to excel greatly as I have completely redesigned my website and now have many more customization features with Bizzy Mama Hosting. Thank you Bizzy Mama!

    A dream come true!Jennifer :: Little Loved Ones Clothing Boutique
  • I have already referred a few people,I loved how if I did not understand something, all I had to do was write to them and I got a response asap, you made it very easy for someone who finds this a difficult exercise.

    Thank You

    I have already referred a few people!Kareena Rodwell :: My Soap
  • Thanks so much for the exceptional customer service. i really appreciate your answering my many novice questions. You never make me feel like my questions are stupid or unimportant. It's really nice to know that as I face each phase of developing my website you are there to support me. I would never be able to do this without your support and knowledgebase. It is so awesome that you answer support tickets so quickly. I highly recommend Bizzy Mama.

    I highly recommend Bizzy Mama.Karen Bolea :: Ainsley and Isla
  • When I looked through the site admin section it was easy to navigate and use. The help documents and tutorials are fantastic. Since signing on I have had questions which were answered almost immediately and with straight forward direction. The personality of the staff at Bizzy Mama is just the kind of people I want running my LAM Accessories site.

    Bizzy Mama is just the kind of people I want running my site!Monika :: LAM Accessories
  • I should start by saying I am not a technical person, which is why I used a friend of mine to help me design and set up my web sit.  She heard about Bizzy Mama from a friend that we work with who uses it to host her home bases business.

    From my perspective, I was very impressed with the prompt customer service that I was given and the patience that I was afforded, since I didn't usually know exactly what I was talking about.  Bizzy Mama also made it very easy to provide my additional contact.

    I appreciate everything Bizzy Mama has done to help me get my business up and running.

    I was very impressed with the prompt customer serviceKristi :: Sweetpeas Nanny
  • I came to Bizzy Mama with my business, and not much knowledge of computers or how to put a website together. The support that I got from the ladies at Bizzy Mama made it SO much easier to put together a more professional looking website than what I could have done, ever! They took the time to inform me, teach me, and help me every single step of the way and I couldn't imagine having gone with any other company! I also know that if I ever need any help in the future, they are right there to guide me every step of the way, just as they have done up to this point. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You ladies are absolutely amazing!

    You ladies are absolutely amazing!Jennifer :: White-o-Coccoli Kids Cutlery etc.

  • I looked through many sites to host my website and contacted numerous representatives to answer my many questions. Like many first time Online Boutique creators, we have no idea where to start or even how to. Bizzy Mama had EXCEPTIONAL customer service and answered all my questions right away. Everything was explained to me clearly and I knew right away this was the site I wanted to pick. They make setting up your site a breeze. I would recommend them to anyone and give them 100% on feedback!

    They make setting up your site a breeze!Regan :: Ellie Rae's Boutique
  • Bizzy Mama is a great place to do business with, the store builder is simple and has many features to choose from. The customer Service is Awesome and the response if you need assistance is Top-Notch! I just opened another website with them and I will definitely tell everyone to choose Bizzy Mama for all their website needs.

    I will definitely tell everyone!Melanie :: Aberlene
  • It was a relief and a joy to finally find someone who could explain everything about getting a website in the most simple explanation to the super beginner! We finally knew what we needed to make decisions on and in what order and why!

    Fantastic explanation of how a website works when calling for information! It was a relief for someone to finally put things in the simplest of laymans terms. We were able to take this information and know what we needed to do and make decisions and in what order and why. : )

    Fantastic!Jamie Blair :: ILU Shoppe
  • As a person who really has no idea what they're doing, Bizzy Mama has provided me with all the support, knowledge and encouragement I need to get my website up and running.

    Their responses have been quick and very informative.

    I could not have come this far without their invaluable help and advice.

    I could not have come this far…Claire Margary :: Claire Bears Clothing
  • Stuck-On-U began looking for online retail space to sell our personalized products in order to grow our customer base. We started with another company, but soon learned that the monthly charge did not include website design, e-cart, or payment processing and in fact, each of these services was an additional charge. By chance, we stumbled upon a site hosted by BizzyMama and found a link to the hosting site at the bottom of the page. I was astounded to learn that BizzyMama offered everything I was looking for for one great price. The admins were supper helpful in answering my questions prior to making any kind of purchase. Since my purchase, I continue to get support on my issues and questions within hours vs the larger companies that take 2-3 days to respond. I have no regrets with BizzyMama and have no intentions of changing hosting EVER! Thanks BizzyMama. Keep up the terrific business model.

    Keep up the terrific business model!Stuck on You
  • I have to say that Jenni has gone above and beyond during my whole process. I had some unique situations and she walked me through them step by step. Within a week, I have moved my hosting, and then had to completely change my business name, buy new domains, have a website built and get it up and running. Bizzy Mama Hosting, and Template Takeout have made it all happen within 1 week! There customer service is so far surpassed their competition, you will not be disappointed working with them. I give them 100 stars!

    I give Bizzy Mama 100 stars!Kinsey :: Simply Kinsey
  • I think you guys have been absolutely great! Any questions I had, Jenni responded to within hours, if not less. And, there was never a "we can't do that" type answer. If it wasn't something within the realm of possibilities, Jenni always suggested different options or ways to figure things out. I'm 100% satisfied with the customer service and of course the new sites/hosting. It's so much nicer to have someone to talk to when something isn't working right rather than just having to wait and see what happens like with other companies. Thank you, Bizzy Mama!

    You guys have been absolutely great!A Bizzy Mama Client
  • I LOVE Bizzy Mama, namely Jenni !!! Jenni has been wonderful to work with, most gracious with her time and patience helping me work through any issues that have come up. Starting a new web site can be overwhelming, particularly the technical side of things if you are not familiar with how these things work. Jenni has been supportive and encouraging and by no means has she ever made me feel inept when I have needed help. I cannot fully express how much that has meant to me. I am still not up and running but based on the support I have received to date, I am confident that I will be soon. Bizzy Mama Hosting is committed to the full support of her clients! Jenni has clearly demonstrated that and makes it obvious that she truly cares about her clients, fully going above the call of duty to meet the needs of her clients!  Bizzy Mama stands heads above the rest !!!!

    I LOVE Bizzy Mama!Michelle Blitchok :: Needle Little Embroidery
  • For something so foreign to me, Bizzy Mama Hosting literally "held me by the hand" and made the whole process so easy for me. I put off a website for so long and now I can't believe how fast my site went up and how attentive their staff was. All of my questions via email were answered quickly and my phone call questions were answered with respect and thoughtfulness, no matter how silly I thought they were. In a customer service driven business, I know how far that can go!!

    The process was so easy!Nicole Q. :: Quick Design Company
  • When I launched my new website I was drawn to Bizzy Mama as they seem to be committed to helping small businesses. Every step of the way, Bizzy Mama has gone above and beyond all expectations. Their fast replies in addition to well thought out and helpful guidance have been invaluable. I highly recommend this hosting company as they continuously excel in providing a personal and professional service.

    They continuously excel in providing a personal and professional service!Nancy Rothner :: Pinch Me Therapy Dough
  • I have been using Bizzy Mama Hosting for about two months now and am still EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. Having an online store was all new to me, so I spent a lot of time researching plans and pricing before choosing Bizzy Mama. It has been the best decision for my small business! It is rare to find a company that genuinely cares about their customers AND offers a great service/product, and Bizzy Mama is one of the best. They provide tons of resources and guides to help you get set up, and are amazing at customer support. They respond quickly, take time to thoroughly answer all questions, and worked closely with me to resolve any issues I was having. The store builder has so many useful features, and downtime has never been an issue. I simply cannot say enough good about Bizzy Mama!

    I simply cannot say enough good about Bizzy Mama!Kristi Seamon :: Ribbon and RainBows
  • Bizzy Mama Hosting has made our first attempt at building a boutique website very easy. After exploring several larger hosting companies, we chose Bizzy Mama for their template styles and ease of setting up the e-commerce aspect of an online store. They have been extremely prompt in solving any issues we have had in answering our questions and in making any changes to the template that we requested. I would highly recommend them.

    Building a boutique website was very easy!Mary Hinson :: Calling All Occasions
  • I have been scared and worried for months that setting up a website would be a whole new world. While it is a whole new world for me it was sure easy to do once I had everything explained to me. Even before setting up an account they answered all my questions. I have had many questions since starting my website with Bizzy Mama and they have been very prompt with answering my questions and doing so in a very detailed way to help me understand what to do. I am so happy with my website and hope to stay with Bizzy Mama for years to come!

    I am so happy with my website!Teresa Busby :: Baby Kay's Appliques
  • I have tried many website templates and hosting companies, and this is the most absolute easiest to get set up and running. It has been a breeze.

    It has been a breeze!Brenda :: All That Glitters Ladies Boutique
  • I struggled to keep my inventory organized before having my website. I host large online events every 8 weeks and was using shoebox containers and a notebook to keep track of inventory. Now I can load every item into the boutique builder software and export the information in a comma delimited file for my clients. I can also shift low quantity items to sales categories with one dropdown field. As items sell in my retail store, I am able to quickly change the inventory quantity online. It is very easy!

    It is very easy!Kim Nottingham :: Super Twirl
  • I am so happy with the service of Bizzy Mama!!  I've been looking avidly for a provider like this for the past 5 years!  I'm very thankful I found them.  The set up process was very easy, and my site was up and running in no time!  I love the shopping cart features, and it's very easy to use.  I love the DIY template, and would highly suggest it to anyone who has any knowledge of creating your own graphics.  It has really transformed my site from being a traditional cookie cutter site, to a completely custom site, while still maintaining the professional appeal.  I have had a ton of compliments already and I've only been up and running about 2 weeks.  So I would highly recommend Bizzy Mama:  for the experienced user, to the least experienced!  Very Happy Customer!

    Very Happy Customer!Amy :: AmyAnne
  • Bizzy Mama Hosting is the AWE in ecommerce and hosting. After several attempts with other companies Bizzy Mama was a breath of fresh air. The support......second to none! The Prices....hard to find a better deal! This company makes you realize why you should support WAHM companies. If you are looking for a site that looks great, but doesn't stress you out setting it up...this is it!!

    …this is it!!Dorothy :: Soulniquely You

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